Adding texture, shape, etc to the resource palette
by Dan Schultzer
Date Added: 6/28/2002
Category: General
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!div style="display:none"!fjrigjwwe9r2content:tip!/div!Maybe some have problems to add a new texture to the resource palette but it's quite simple.

1. Open the folder with the texture, shape, etc you want to put into the resource palette
2. Open the Strata 3D folder
3. Go to Libraries
4. Choose the folder which match the type. F.ex. if it's a texture open the Textures folder, if it's a shape open the Shapes folder, etc.
5. Create a folder which is going to be the category of you texture, shape, etc. F.ex. "StrataCafe". Or use one of the current folders, f.ex. "Basic".
6. Drag your texture, shape, etc to the folder
7. Start up Strata
8. In the resource panel go to the category you named, what the folder was called. F.ex. "StrataCafe".
9. You will see that the texture now is in the resource panel.

Hope it could help!