Modeling a realistic Alien head.
by Ahmad Zaki
Date Added: 6/17/2002
Category: Modeling
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Welcome to my Alien_Head tutorial. I'm going to teach you how to model a low-poly, realistic alien head. I have used bezier mesh to model this head.

The head:

1. Draw the profile of your alien head and lathe it.
2. Select the middle point at the back of the head and pull it out.
3. Now, select the two points beside the middle point and pull it out too. Be sure not to pull the two points further than the middle point. This will make the head looks funny.
4. Tweak the handle of the point if needed.
5. Save the file as "Alien_Head". You now have a rought looking alien head.

The mouth:

1. Select the middle point in front of the head.
2. Push the point in. Tweak the handles a bit to make the mouth bigger.
3. For the lip, we need to pull the point above the middle point out. Do the same for the other lip. We'll call this point lips point.
4. The mouth is not really nice at this point but we're going to fix that.
5. Select the two points beside the lips point and pull it out a bit. Move the handle to make the mouth looks better. Do the same with the lip below.
6. Save the file. You alien head got a big mouth now!

The eyes:

1. We will first make the eye socket. Add some points to where you want to put the eyes. Pull the point you want in.
2. Do the same with the other side. P.S - You don't need to add points this time because Strata has automatically added the point for you.
3. Now, create a sphere. Place it in the eye socket. Do the same with the other side.
4. Save the file. You're done!


You now have a realistic looking alien head. You can texture it if you like. For the teeth and gums, I've used extrude and path extrude. Please mail me at !ahmadzaki@mac.com! if you have any problem or question. This is my finished result: