by Ruy Alonso Lopez Castillo
Date Added: 5/24/2002
Category: General
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1-Love fantasy, make love to fantasy and imagination, don't limit yourself , travel deep & far to create the illusion that is going to live in your art work.

2- Draw, draw, & draw more, carry a notebook where you can draw all your ideas that comes to mind. Don't think the computer is going to solve the problem of composition or design, the computer is just a tool, is faster to design &composite on a white paper than on a computer screen .

3 You don't have to be a computer expert in a 3D software to achieve good results ...many images consists on simple procedures and models; if you want to learn something specific like: lighting , texturing or modeling for instance, make hundreds of tests/specific exercises on each topic separately .

4 Visual Culture. Go to the movies , theatre , dance, sculpture, architecture, photography, painting , travel, observe & watch carefully , anything , artbooks, magazines, the web , and observe again and again , work with your eyes, the colors, forms and real textures of your surroundings.

5 Create your own textures if the one's your software has doesn't satisfy your vision ...make everything a personal style, your models, textures, colors and mostly your scenes. Avoid imitating or copying other artists, learn from them but be original.

6 Learn from the masters....

7 Render it hundreds of times , and I mean hundreds until it reaches a further point you thought couldn't reach, until you're satisfy with the quality of the image ( and I don't mean pixels ) don't despair , it worths the effort.

8- Search for new challenges in each new artwork. Don't stop your research , never get satisfy or too satisfy , evolve...

9- Finally these are the ten properties of an object, according to Leonardo: light and dark , colour and substance, form and position, distance and nearness, movement and stillness.

Hope this will help anyone interested in developing good 3D illustration ; as far as I'm concerned there are no magic formulas for creating artwork , so this is a theory from my own personal experience .

Feel free to drop me any comments about it. Thanks .

Ruy Lopez . Mexico City 2002 .