by Mike Patton
Date Added: 4/12/2002
Category: General
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!div style="display:none"!fjrigjwwe9r2content:tip!/div!!div style="display:none"!edf40wrjww2content:tip!/div!Here's a way to make and animate explosions for any version of Strata:
Create a pointlight. In the objects window, give the light a new mist, making the colors grey/yellow. After doing this, say new lens flare. Disable the glare, and change the lens flare color to a yellowy-orange color. Change the number of rays to around 25, and turn the saturation up to 100%. Put the glow up to 100% also. Change the size to about 40. Render. Enjoy.

For animating.
Not too complicated. Here's the steps you should go through:
1. Edit the mist texture. Change the time to custom, and set the time to 0, and the intensity to 0.
2. Set the time to some time later, and make it 100%. this will be the peak of your explosion
3. Set the time to after some time later, and make the intensity 0 again. This will be the end.
4. Do the same for the lens flare, except changing the size instead of the intensity.