Importing Poser models into Strata
by Dennis Kelley
Date Added: 3/29/2002
Category: Modeling
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!div style="display:none"!fjrigjwwe9r2content:tip!/div!!div style="display:none"!edf40wrjww2content:tip!/div!This was done on a PC, but the basic steps should be the same on a Mac and should work on any version of Strata (Many thanks to stefkeb, who explained this originally in the forums.)

1. Create the model in Poser.

2. Export it as an obj (other formats might work - obj is what I use.) In the export selection list uncheck any parts of the model you don't want to export, such as background. The file will be big enough as it is.

3. In a file converter program change the file to VRML 2 format. (I use 3dwin - the free version will not import the textures correctly, but the registered version will and it's not too expensive to register.)

4.Import it into a Strata file. (Note: The texture file MUST be in the same directory as the exported file for it to come into Strata with the file. This may only be a quirk of 3dwin - not sure.)

5. Ungroup the model and delete the extraneous lights, etc.

6. The model will come in with a texture for each part. They are all the same texture, but for some reason it imports the file that way. Since they are all the same texture you will need only one of them to texture the whole model when you are done. Select each piece of the model one at a time and delete the texture from it. Use the Project Window to select each piece. It's much easier then trying to select them all on the screen.

7. (If you have the 3dwin registered or other converter that brings the textures in correctly. Otherwise delete all the textures here.) In the Resource Palette double click one of the textures to open the editor. Click on Color and change it from black to white so the texture will show correctly. (Other converters may bring them in correctly, but 3dwin brings them in this way.)

8. Select all and on the Object Properties Palette, Object tab, change the setting on the Smooth slider all the way to 180.00 Next, group all the objects and convert the group to a polygon mesh. The slider will reset to its default, usually 60. Set the slider to 180 again. The second smoothing step will eliminate about 95% of the seams between the meshes.

9. Apply the corrected texture to the model. Next, get rid of the unused textures: Resource Palette!Textures!Delete Unused. (You may have to save the file and re-open it to get this to delete all the unused texture as Strata seems to think some of them are still being used when they aren't.)

That's about it. It's not as difficult as it sounds, but it is time consuming.