Speed tips part 1
by Martin A. Wagner
Date Added: 7/19/2001
Category: General
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well heres the first part of workarounds:

1) make your objects shy as much as you can
2) If you have more then one window open reduce the image quality (best to outline)
3) Make Groups: Theres a table with dishes and food... you want to move the table? .. and the dishes and food still stay in the air ... :)
3) Use "construction " objects rather then the origin object especially if the origin is something complicated.
Example: youve a table with some dishes , glasses etc on it.. in a room scene... if you wanna move that thing it takes time to refresh the screen (spinning clock), but draw a sphere (or whotever) around that table, link it to the table group (read above?!) and make it construction, make the tablegroup shy, and you can move like hell :)
4) save as much as you can: sounds obvisious, but is still the most time consuming error one can do not to save. One thing: saving different versions may shorten some construction time too ..

okay .. part two follows soon