free fast radiosity
by Martin A. Wagner
Date Added: 7/18/2001
Category: Rendering
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!div style="display:none"!fjrigjwwe9r2content:tip!/div!!div style="display:none"!edf40wrjww2content:tip!/div!radiosity renders take lot of time and arent implemented in the free version of Strata.
Heres a workaround:
1) a scene with some objects illumintaed by a spotlight or a point light:
Post nearby of your objects one or more pointlights for any object (even in the shadow area of the objects!). give the lights the corresponding color of the objects and make them only slowly glow (remark that darker color making darker lights, so maybe darker lights need a bit more intensity, i handle between 6% up to 30%) uncheck the cast shadow box of the lights.
2) a roomscene with light coming from outside thru a window: in Raytracing you have unnatural deep shadows.
put a pointlight into the room nearly the area where your light from outside is hitting an object (ground / wall etc) give it the same color of the object and decrease intensity.Leave the cast shadows box checked. If you have another object (a chair...) standing nearby your Radiosity light you must enlighten the shadows casted by the Radiosity light with the method above

This does not make really soft shadows nor is it real Radiosity, but it works fine most of the time and save you much rendering time, and it is BTW completly free.