Creating Action and Title save guides
by Jeffry Gugick
Date Added: 8/4/2005
Category: Animation
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Here is how to set up the Action and Title guides for 4:3 video -
square pixels:

Open a camera view
Set the window ratio to 1.33:1 NTSC 4x3
click the little 'lock' icon so the window doesn't change proportions
and go to the side/corner pullout menu....
Select 'set backdrop'
click 'load image'
load this image as your backdrop:

(this is good for 4:3 video material - square pixels)

Set the opacity to 50%
check 'constrain aspect ratio'
check 'fit to view'
click ok and you're all set....

You will now see a Title Safe and an Action Safe overlay in your
camera window...

You can do the same thing for 16:9 as well, you would just select the
16:9 setting in the window ration pulldown, and then you would need
to use a image that was set up for 16:9 safe areas or you could make
one yourself. Don't use the 4:3 image for 16:9 material as it will
not scale correctly.

--Jeffry Gugick