Water( NON animated)
by JJ Gutierrez
Date Added: 3/17/2004
Category: Texturing
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!div style="display:none"!fjrigjwwe9r2content:tip!/div!!div style="display:none"!edf40wrjww2content:tip!/div!I've found a nifty way to make water for still images. First, I created a 'glass of water' texture. It's just the water itself. No turbulence, no ripples. Here's how I made it:

Color: A blueish greenish greyish color. Depends on where your water is.


75 Gloss 75% Specular

98 Clear 1.14 Bump (Necessary for realism)

2% Diffuse 10/32% Reflect

2% Ambient Environment: NONE

0% Glow Micro Polish: 100%
108% 1% 0%
2% Opacity

1.3330 Refraction

Easy as it gets, right? Okay, but that water is boring, and it's too still. We have to fix this. For this, you can use ripples, yes, but, to me, it still doesn't look right.

So, I thought hard. I asked myself: "What else looks like water?" I answered myself: "An old wall." Why? It's corroded. Looks sort of crumbly, ripply, non linear. So, I added a simple corrosion.

Make a new corrosion texture (on TOP of the water texture) like this:

Check 'Invert Bump'. The water ripples, it doesn't dimple.

Hole area: 24%

Resistant area: 84%

Bump Amplitude: 8.36 %

Resistant Bump: 4%

I just realized as I typed this that Corrosion has a Seed factor. Never knew that before. Wow! Anyway, mine's set at 5.

There you go. The water does tend to eat at things, so be careful with it.