Multiple Decal/Label Mapping on a Single Object
by Derek Wolfe
Date Added: 2/10/2003
Category: Texturing
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I was helping out with answering a question in the forums, and was encouraged to post it here in the tips area, so here it is.

The Decal/Label type of projection mapping sits on one side of an object, leaving the opposite side blank. If you want to apply two different textures using this style of mapping to the same object, such as the top and bottom of a space craft, there are a couple of steps to ensure that it will work correctly.

-Apply the first texture and position it so that it projects onto the object as desired. Use the mapping style that has the icon with little arrows that do not pass through the object. This will put the texture on the object, leaving the back a plain, untextured white.

-Apply the second texture in the same manner, so that it lies on the other side of the object. This will cover the first texture with that same untextured white base color.

-The last thing to do is open the second texture’s Stencil channel and import an image file that is pure white. Leave the Stencil drop-down set to white and 100%. Leave the Mix set to Repl.

-That’s it! The two projections will display properly, without interfering with each other.

Glad to help,
Derek Wolfe.