div style=display:nonefjrigjwwe9r2baseinfo:comments/divIve been using Strata since version 1.75. The intuitive and easy to use interface was what originally drew me to the application. The feature and tool sets available, along with the top quality rendering ability have made the application a necessity in my professional work.
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Attack of the Quadbots
"Attack of the Qu..." (0)
Ice Station Nomad
"Ice Station Noma..." (0)
Slice of Time
"Slice of Time..." (0)
Time to Dive Redeux
"Time to Dive Red..." (0)

Key Clients
Kia/Mazda Pickup alternate views
"Kia/Mazda Pickup..." (3)
1962 Mazda 360
"1962 Mazda 360..." (3)
1965 Dodge Pickup
"1965 Dodge Picku..." (1)
1965 Dodge Pickup
"1965 Dodge Picku..." (1)
Watery Hand holding can
"Watery Hand hold..." (4)
Can with Splash
"Can with Splash..." (1)
Fire Ant
"Fire Ant..." (2)
Old Microphone
"Old Microphone..." (5)
Kia Vehicles
"Kia Vehicles..." (2)
Mcdonalds Products
"Mcdonalds Produc..." (4)
Shaw Remote
"Shaw Remote..." (6)
Bell Blackberry
"Bell Blackberry..." (0)
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