div style=display:nonefjrigjwwe9r2baseinfo:comments/divIm an Architectural illustrator, 3D modeler, and Animator. I have worked on many different types of projects from simple 2D graphics projects to complex 3D industrial process animations. At http://www.3d-graphics-inc.com we offer a place where all your 3d modeling and animation needs can be provided
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lowes wire frame model Tim Luncford www.agi3d.com
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lowes 3d model by tim luncsford www.agi3d.com
"lowes 3d model b..." (0)
Colorado Home
"Colorado Home..." (1)
"Arch_Crurch..." (0)

vase in  window
"vase in window..." (0)
  Architectural interior 3 Rendering Tim Luncsfor
" Architectural ..." (0)
 Architectural interior 2 By Tim Luncsford
" Architectural i..." (0)
Architectural interior Rendering By Tim Luncsford
"Architectural in..." (0)
Architectural Rendering 3D By Tim Luncsford
"Architectural Re..." (0)
Architectural Rendering By Tim Luncsford
"Architectural Re..." (0)
Architectural Rendering detail By Tim Luncsford
"Architectural Re..." (0)
Architectural Rendering 2 By Tim Luncsford
"Architectural Re..." (0)
exterior rendering by Tim Luncsford
"exterior renderi..." (0)
the blessing
"the blessing..." (0)
animated logo
"animated logo..." (1)
Group Hug by Tim Luncsford www.agi3d.com
"Group Hug by Tim..." (2)
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