I started with Strata many years ago, after seeing the game Myst was created using it. I wrangled a deal to go to Strata headquarters in Utah, and got a weeks foundation from Chuck Carter, (one of the main creators and animators of Myst.) So, Ive been using it since the 90s. Ive been going through my archives lately, and figured it made more sense to post these than let them sit on CDs. Due to some sort of character flaw, Ive tended to learn software over the years by accepting freelance jobs, then using that deadline to force me to come up with a solution and figure out applications, including Strata.
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Glass Spider
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the Kursk :  fatal explosion
"the Kursk : fat..." (0)
final plant image
"final plant imag..." (0)
Edison-Mazda bulb
"Edison-Mazda bul..." (0)

rubber stamping prescriptions
"rubber stamping ..." (0)
data management
"data management..." (0)
 the Kursk : the initial explosion
" the Kursk : the..." (0)
the International Space Station
"the Internationa..." (0)
abstract contortion
"abstract contort..." (0)
Gambling on Biotechnology
"Gambling on Biot..." (0)
Undersea Exploration
"Undersea Explora..." (0)
Gambling on Biotechnology   (detail)
"Gambling on Biot..." (0)
Digital Photography
"Digital Photogra..." (0)
Library of Congress: Great Hall (detail)
"Library of Congr..." (0)
Seafloor Artifacts
"Seafloor Artifac..." (0)
glass gadget
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