Ive been drawing spaceships and robots and building them with legos since I was old enough to hold a crayon (Ill date myself: Fireball XL5). When I went to Art School I still (occasionally) painted and drew hardware. But when I grew up and went out into the real world, I put all that behind me in favor of ad layouts and corporate brochures. What an idiot. Since I found Strata several years ago, I have rediscovered the fun of illustration and Ive taken my business in a new direction. The box said Windows 95 or better, so I bought a Mac.
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3rd Place - April 14 2003
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2nd Place - Feb. 9 2003
"2nd Place - Feb...." (0)
Orbital Launch
"Orbital Launch..." (0)
Prometheus Falling
"Prometheus Falli..." (0)

Key Clients
Carrier Refit
"Carrier Refit..." (0)
Carrier Essex Redux/Relit
"Carrier Essex Re..." (0)
Carrier Essex
"Carrier Essex..." (0)
"Robot/3..." (0)
First Robot/2
"First Robot/2..." (0)
First Robot
"First Robot..." (0)
Carrier WIP
"Carrier WIP..." (0)
Diebold Kickoff Logo
"Diebold Kickoff ..." (0)
Power Core
"Power Core..." (0)
"Clipper..." (0)
Scorpio Lander
"Scorpio Lander..." (0)
Avalonia Run
"Avalonia Run..." (0)
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Don Hillenbrand

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