div style=display:nonefjrigjwwe9r2baseinfo:comments/divStrata is my 3D weapon of choice, and one of the most powerful tools among my software. I use it in conjunction with Adobe® Photoshop® and Illustrator®, and together they are an imagination machine.
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A.I. Close-up
"A.I. Close-up..." (1)
 Intercepter Concept
" Intercepter Con..." (0)
 Ice Lands
" Ice Lands..." (1)
Silent Sentinel
"Silent Sentinel..." (0)

Doric Pillars
"Doric Pillars..." (0)
Roman Market: Birds Eye View
"Roman Market: Bi..." (0)
Roman Market: Ground Level View
"Roman Market: Gr..." (0)
Roman Market: Balcony View
"Roman Market: Ba..." (0)
Roman Market: Illustrator Export
"Roman Market: Il..." (0)
Roman Forum: Temple, Rostrum and Arch
"Roman Forum: Tem..." (0)
Roman Forum: Temple of Juno Detail
"Roman Forum: Tem..." (0)
Roman Forum: Corner Detail
"Roman Forum: Cor..." (0)
Roman Forum: Birds Eye View
"Roman Forum: Bir..." (0)
Roman Porch
"Roman Porch..." (0)
Greek Temple 1
"Greek Temple 1..." (2)
Alien Vines
"Alien Vines..." (0)
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