div style=display:nonefjrigjwwe9r2baseinfo:comments/divOne day, when I grow up, I hope to be thought of as smart and really talented. Till that day comes, though, I think Ill just have fun pretending. :)
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HDRI, manually, in Strata 3.9 (instructional)
"HDRI, manually, ..." (0)
A Brooklyn Tenement
"A Brooklyn Tenem..." (0)
All About GlowDomes (tutorial)
"All About GlowDo..." (0)
Essence of Evil II
"Essence of Evil ..." (0)

Key Clients
"Smartphones..." (1)
Smartphone Concept
"Smartphone Conce..." (0)
Optical Illusion
"Optical Illusion..." (1)
Smartphone Concept 2
"Smartphone Conce..." (1)
Smartphone Concept 1
"Smartphone Conce..." (0)
Wine Scene - redeux by CX6
"Wine Scene - red..." (0)
Strata Western redeux by CX6
"Strata Western r..." (2)
Real Caustics
"Real Caustics..." (3)
Another Sphere
"Another Sphere..." (0)
REALLY Nasty Little Sphere
"REALLY Nasty Lit..." (4)
3D Sphere Maker
"3D Sphere Maker..." (1)
Nasty Little Sphere
"Nasty Little Sph..." (3)
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