div style=display:nonefjrigjwwe9r2baseinfo:comments/divI spend less time with Strata than I want to, but I still get my hands in there and create something now and then.
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Berry Fish
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Cornell Box 2
"Cornell Box 2..." (0)
Cornell Box Experiment
"Cornell Box Expe..." (0)
Better than sleep
"Better than slee..." (0)
"Untitled..." (0)
Big Flower
"Big Flower..." (0)
Logo for user group
"Logo for user gr..." (0)
Glass Balls in Goo
"Glass Balls in G..." (0)
Vase with Brass Details
"Vase with Brass ..." (0)
Fantasy Computer
"Fantasy Computer..." (0)
Move on Back to Squares
"Move on Back to ..." (0)
Vase and Wine Glasses
"Vase and Wine Gl..." (0)
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Joseph Mancino

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