Ive used Strata 3D products since it first went commercial back in 1957... (well it SEEMS that long ago). I have tried several other renderers, but Strata has always provided the most realism. It also allows accurate menu-accessed control which, because I am a technical artist, is paramount for assuring the fidelity of my subject.
Featured Images
Coleman Caravan Door Side (so far)
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"Robo-Hammer..." (0)
Coleman camper used for national sales promotion
"Coleman camper u..." (0)
Euclid Motor
"Euclid Motor..." (0)

Key Clients
Display Concept
"Display Concept..." (0)
Door Side Transparency of Coleman Camper
"Door Side Transp..." (0)
Coleman Caravan Pop Out Side
"Coleman Caravan ..." (0)
Coleman Caravan Exterior PopOut Side
"Coleman Caravan ..." (0)
Boss Compressor Superimposed on Truck Photo
"Boss Compressor ..." (0)
Elliott Turbomachinry Web header image
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Plastics mold
"Plastics mold..." (0)

Frank Micle

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