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Artist's Comments: When I was a kid, I loved Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, especially the underwater shots of the Seaview submarine. I loved trying to look into the viewing windows in the nose of the sub, and seeing blinking lights etc. Well, I decided to model the Seaview in Rhino and TSplines, render in Strata, and post composite in Adobe After Effects. I love the bubbles via particle generator in Strata. I would make one request of Strata and vary the bubbles so the streams were not exactly alike. If there is a way, Id love to know.
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The Conversation
Angus Hume
02/04/2014 2:46:05 AM
Cool. I loved this show.  
Brian Hinton
02/02/2014 2:26:47 PM
Very nice visual effect. Id cut back on the number bubbles a bit, and add some more random motion to them.