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Artist's Comments: !div style="display:none"!edf40wrjww2gallery:imagedesc!/div!In this rendering you notice the areas above the bottle which should be see-through (see-thru) are actually colored by the magenta polygon that is in front of the bottle! If you render without the magenta areas there would be no color effects as seen in the bottom rendering. You can try and tweak the clear plastic/glass material to manipulate the reflections, glare (100 reflected light) and transparency of those areas for ever and not see your tweaking work as you would like to mainly because those areas are not what you think they are.
To save time in finding unwanted rendering areas I suggest to lay polygon carpet(s) in front and even around your object about 1/10mm (0.003) above the surface on which the object is sitting. Render a test to find areas that might be reflecting and catching refractions. If you subdivide your polygons you will see additional changes in the colors due to these effects! The red arrows show how the subdivision has extended the magenta color further more. Obviously you need to Hide those carpets for final rendering. The renderings here are only 100 light samples for speed. They are not the final HiRes.
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