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Artist's Comments: One Lightdome+one spot-Raydiosity-350 for test.
Elapsed time: 0:13:48
Frame size: 1500 x 1270
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The Conversation
07/07/2010 4:26:55 PM
Thank you Dale. It is all functional and all connected so it can be animated. I had set the Cache Threshold and Hints so I can render it faster. For the final I will change them, if I ever can get them to stop changing it. The tick marks on the casing at the bottom dont help either. JPEG makes a big difference on the FILE tool! 
07/07/2010 4:24:16 PM
Quite the detailed model Ivan. Good job. Looks like you might need to tweak your render settings a bit. There seems to be some weirdness on the side of the case.