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How do you use the brick texture without having the bricks stretch each time when you change the shape of the wall?

Hereís one solution:

The brick texture is a specific measurement. You can discover this by copying the image map, then pasting it into Photoshop, then looking up the image measurements. It is 3 inches high by 4.486 inches wide at 72 pixels per inch. (You'll have to pardon America's primitive measurement system. Feel free to translate the measurements into metric system or toes and thumbs or whatever suits you.)

In Strata, make a cube, then use those measurements to create a brick unit that optimally uses that image size. The front face now measures 3 inches high by 4.486 inches wide

A REAL WORLD BRICK (with mortar) measures 4 inches deep, 3 inches tall and 9 inches wide. From the image map you see in Strata for the RUNNING BRICK texture, the bricks are stacked 2 wide and 4 high. That means the front face of each optimally sized Strata brick unit will measure 12 inches by 18 inches wide in the real world.

Go to the EDIT menu and select REPLICATE. I entered Y OFFSET 3 inches and 9 repetitions. That made a column of my brick units 10 units tall. In real world terms, thatís 10 feet tall.

Now select that entire column and enter Z OFFSET 4.484 inches and 9 repetitions to make a wall that is 10 brick units by 10 brick units. In Strata this wall measures 3 inches deep, 30 inches tall and 44.6 inches wide. In real world measurements that is 10 feet tall and 18 feet wide.

Select all those brick units and group them. Now you can build walls just like a brick layer would. You wonít stretch the bricks, instead, use the brick units and add more to them, or take some away. The REPLICATE command makes it easy to build any size wall with a little simple math.

Also: You can save one of your brick units as a SHAPE for this file in the RESOURCES PALETTE/SHAPES TAB. Then for future reference you can use the PLUS MENU on the upper right corner of the RESOURCES PALETTE to save that shape to be called up in ANY file that you will create.
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