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Artist's Comments: !div style="display:none"!fjrigjwwe9r2gallery:imagedesc!/div!!div style="display:none"!edf40wrjww2gallery:imagedesc!/div!Modelling/Render: Strata 3D pro 3.7
Post work: Ulead PhotoImpact 8

11 hour radiosity render; lots more work than one would think for this one.

I did a Raytracing of this, but, shadows were too hard.. and I wanted them much softer. I pondered using a light array in a Raytracing render to reduce rendering time over a potential Radiosity render, but that gave me less control over the lights, so, finally, I opted for the Radiosity render.

Post work consisted of altering color scheme, and removing some rendering imperfections (probably due to memory clutter on my machine).
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