Benchmark Submission Form
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Entering your benchmark data is quite easy. Just follow the steps below:

1) Download the model file and unstuff it.

2) Open the file in Strata Design 3D and open the Camera Window. (windows>camera windows>camera 1)

3) Select the render tool (correct render settings are saved with the file).

4) Render from the camera window. Your render should look exactly like the image on the right, only 700 x 700.

5) Record the time that the image took to render. (should be on the top left hand side of the render window once it has finished.) Then, return to this page to enter your data.

Enter all sections below. Please read the instructions carefully. Hit "Send Entry" when complete.

Your Name: Cafe ID:
This is pretty self explanitory. The benchmarks will be moved into the Cafe admin shortly, so any new benchmarks added should have a Cafe ID attached. Go to your profile page. Your ID is the number after "id" in the location bar.
Computer Model: Processor Name:
For example: Apple Quicksilver, Dell Inspiron, etc. For example: Intel, G5, G4, G3, P3, AMD, etc.
Processor: Clock Speed: mhz
(For each processor)
Select the number of processors or "cores" in your machine. This is the speed of your processor in Megahertz. If your machine is faster than 1000 Mhz, please do not enter the Gigahertz rating (eg. please enter 1500, rather than 1.5 ghz.). The system will display ghz if you enter a number higher than 999, but it can't sort two different numbering systems (eg. 1.5 would appear much slower than 300)
RAM: MB OS Name:
This is a measure of how much ram is in your computer. Please enter the amount in Megabytes, regardless of how much RAM you have. (eg. enter 1500 if you have 1.5 GB of RAM) For example: Mac OS X, Windows XP, Windows 98, etc.
OS Version: Strata Design 3D CX Version:
For example: 10.5, SP1, etc.
    Final render time:
: :
hours minutes seconds
  Just enter the time as it appears in your render window.
If you want to leave a note about your system, this is where you do it. (eg. using Rambus Ram, overclocked system, etc.)

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