About StrataCafe
"StrataCafe is an independent web site created to serve the community of artists, designers, illustrators, web developers and others using Strata software around the world. As a professional web and graphics designer and a long-time user of StudioPro and now Strata 3Dpro, I established the site to fill a perceived need among fellow Strata users. The site went live in January of 2001, after much discussion on the StrataList email forum and encouragement from Strata itself. Thanks to user contributions and suggestions, the site's content and popularity have grown rapidly since then.

Now, by mutual agreement with Strata, StrataCafe has become the official Strata User Community within the framework of Strata's Open Creative Environment. Other than a visible design change to match the "sandstone & sage" look on the main Strata site, this new relationship with Strata will have little if any effect on the site's operation and function.

You'll notice that StrataCafe.com and Strata.com will share more links, but both Strata and I intend to keep StrataCafe largely commercial-free and preserve its character as a site for users, by users. Certainly without your willingness to share models, textures, ideas, creativity and enthusiasm, the StrataCafe would not be what it is. Thanks to everyone who has helped, and continues to help, with this ongoing effort."

-- Michael Luscombe, Toronto, Canada

"Here at Strata we are extremely pleased to see the success of StrataCafe and the clear contribution it is making to the growing worldwide Strata User Community. It is our aim to support and foster Michael's work with StrataCafe without having a direct hand in the management of the site or its contents. We feel strongly that this site is a vital part of the Strata Open Creative Environment and that the energy being generated here is proof positive that a community-centric approach to publishing software is the right strategy."

-- Tad Trueblood, Director of Marketing and Communications, Strata

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