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Now Available - Strata Design 3D CX 7.5 for Windows.

Strata Design 3D 7.5 is a powerful modeling and texturing upgrade, which includes many of the most requested features from long-time Strata Design 3D users. We’ve combined new UV texturing components that allow you to more easily visualize the exact layout and placement of your textures, with polygon manipulation features that provide a new level of control over your 3D objects, and added in some very useful import and export options to make version 7.5 more compatible with CAD programs and 3D printing services.

Version 7.5 Model This Wrench with Chris Tyler
Free Tutorial Series and Version 7.5 Demonstration Videos on the Strata 3D University!

As part of the Version 7.5 launch, Chris Tyler developed a tutorial series around modeling, texturing and rendering the wrench that is used throughout our product launch materials. This series is free to everyone at the Strata 3D University and covers some of the new 7.5 features. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from one of the best in the business!

View the Tutorial Series Here

Modeling Challenge Facebook Modeling Challenges are Happening Now!

Join in on the fun. We're running regular modeling challenges that are intended to keep your design skills fresh. It's just for fun, so join us in celebrating the creativity of the Design 3D community! Click on the Facebook link and visit the Events section of our page to see what the theme is for the current Modeling Challenge.

Join the Modeling Challenge

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